tilburg belief systems lab

We are located in the Department of Social Psychology at Tilburg University. Our goal is to understand ideological and moral beliefs – such as political ideology, religious fundamentalism, and moral conviction – and how they structure attitudes and behaviors, how they provide people with meaning, and why people adopt them in the first place.

selected publications

Brandt, M. J., Sibley, C., & Osborne, D. (in press). What is central to belief system networks. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. [PsyArxiv Preprint | SOM]

Brandt, M. J. (2013). Do the disadvantaged legitimize the social system? A large-scale test of the status-legitimacy hypothesis. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 104, 765-785. [PDF | Replication Package |Footnote 7 Results | Footnote 9 Results | reanalyses suggested by John Jost | powerlessness, rather than low status?]

Brandt, M. J. (2017). Predicting ideological prejudice. Psychological Science, 28, 712-722. [PDF | SOM | Replication Package | Brief Report Replicating Main Results]

Brandt, M. J., Crawford, J. T., & Van Tongeren, D. (2019). Worldview conflict in daily life. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 10, 35-43. [PDF | SOM | Replication Package]


*some replication packages will require you to ask for permission. I always grant permission.