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Mark Brandt (pi)

20130224_164213I am an assistant professor in the Department of Social Psychology at Tilburg University. The overarching goal of my research program is to understand how ideological and moral beliefs – such as political ideology, religious fundamentalism, and moral conviction – structure attitudes and behaviors and provide people with meaning. [CV | Email | Teaching]


Fieke Wagemans (Phd student)

fiekeTogether with my M&M supervisory team (Mark & Marcel), I am investigating the cognitive mechanisms underlying the effect of emotions on moral cognition. In my studies, I focus specifically on the role of disgust in moral decision-making, investigating when, how, and for whom disgust affects judgments of moral transgressions. [CV]



Nina spälti (PhD student)

NinaTogether with my supervisors Mark Brandt and Marcel Zeelenberg, I am working on gaining a better understanding of the cognitive mechanisms underlying the status quo and system justification biases. Specifically, I focus on how people process their decision-relevant information when making a choice about maintaining or changing the current state of affairs. [CV]

Research MAsters Students and Research Assistants

The lab has benefited from the research masters students and other dedicated research assistants: Hilmar Brohmer, Victor van Buuren, Linda Doyle, Tünde van Hoek, Linda Oosterwijk, Felix Pahl, Jan Völkel, Joeri Wissink

Consistent Collaborators

Jarret CrawfordAnthony EvansPJ HenryWilhelm HofmannToon KuppensChristine ReynaLinda SkitkaRussell SpearsDaryl van TongerenGeoff WetherellDan WisneskiMarcel Zeelenberg